About Us

Our History

Ferdosi was formed in 1984 as a book/media distributor of middle eastern publications. Successfully expanded to a sub- supplier of many subscription service companies and started as an independent subscription agency year 2002. Since then Ferdosi has been providing a broad range of customers, from individuals to schools, libraries and institutions all around the world with subscription and information services.

Our Team Is Your Team

We have a well-established network all over the world and can quickly find what you are looking for on site, for fast and accurate service. We are constantly updating our database and our digital services. In good time at a good price. With personal help and recurring reconciliation for the best service.

Our Missions

By constantly developing our scalable platform we can simplify and provide faster access to information for the end-users. Our aim is that the publisher aims to connect closer to the end- user. Coupled with greater online migration and see an increase of subscription and renewal rates. With Ferdosi proactive approach and customer focus. Along with our proactive work with the understanding to make publishing a more sustainable industry. Differently from other streaming-services. Ferdosi has the ambition to bring our ideas and migrating our productivity tools and solutions. Developing value out of all information content/catalogue around the world.

Global Reach with Local Expertise

Our Services

Our strengths

Our strengths

We offer fast and efficient service through the entire business process - We help you find exactly what you are looking for and tailor every step to your needs, from order to delivery, invoicing and any complaints. We provide you with a personal contact and work constantly to keep your costs down.

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