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We will find out what you're buying, who's reading it and how much you're paying. We will look at your processes: how you search approve and buy your content. By implementing a lower management cost through increased Operational efficiency and better service delivery with proper Customer Support. Alongside with the help of our very easy to use online-tools. You will get a total control of your organization’s spend in one place.

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Identify hidden costs
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Cloud-based subscription service

You will receive a system eligible for multiple markets in various languages. Select and view pricing and different access options. We help at all levels: From finding the right titles, to ordering, delivery, invoicing and any claims. Everything needed in one place.

Easy renewal process
All the publisher's invoices are collected in one place.
You get the opportunity to order, search and pay with just one click.
Efficient claim handling for digital access and in print
Cancel non-approved subscriptions
You see who subscribes to what

Simplify and save money

You get the opportunity to order, search and pay with just one click. All your publisher's invoices in one place processed by Ferdosi.

Customized invoicing options
Visibility and control
Efficiency and convenience eliminating the time consuming tasks
Periodic reports

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