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Subscription Management

Ferdosi Subscription Service has access to a large number of newspapers, magazines and databases from all over the world. Choose from over 70,000 titles in a library that is constantly being updated and expanded. We supply all available formats offered by the publishers.



When the order is approved for purchase, we ensure that the subscription is quickly executed and delivered. Of course, if electronic services are included, you immedietaly get access to these. 



When a subscription ends, you will receive a notification in advance, where you choose if and how you want to extend your subscription. If you subscribe to several different publications through us, you can choose to approve one at a time or all at once. Ferdosi handles all communication with the supplier so you never miss a publication and always have access to whatever accounting you need.


We handle eventual claims, whether the product is originally from another country or otherwise would be difficult for yourself to handle. Everything to facilitate and minize your work. Since we deal with claims ourselves, we can guarantee a fast and efficient service. 


One customer - One Invoice

By using Ferdosi service, our customers have the opportunity to reduce thousands of invoices to a single one. Whether you subscribe to one or a large number of publications through us, we will compile everything into one invoice. In order to minimize your work, invoices and accounting can be tailored to your needs. It can then be sent monthly, quarterly or once a year. We have careful control of the publisher's invoices so that everything is correct and the costs are kept down.


Customized reporting

With just one click, you can get a clear overview of ongoing subscriptions at any time, such as past and future invoices and claims.  Clear accounting and periodic reports of your costs are tailored to your wishes and needs.

Digital Resources and licenses

Thanks to our well-established publishing relations, we can offer superior management of license agreements and digital resources. Ferdosi can negotiate on your behalf for good and correct agreements.

Once the license agreement are signed, we make sure everything is up and running properly. Ferdosi handles the provision of IP adress, account details and stores a copy of your agreement always at hand. We will then keep you updated on everything related to your digital subscriptions and license agreements.

Multi-User Licenses

Ferdosi regularly negotiates between publishers and companies regarding market data, digital software and subscriber licenses for multiple users. We arrange the delivery of IP addresses, single-site or multi-site, usernames and passwords. The agreement is stored in our database.

Regardless of how many licenses you have for different services, we give you a start and end date that makes the renewal process simple and functional.

We are constantly in contact with our suppliers to provide you with the right number of current services and news. The same goes for prices and deliveries. All to minimize your adminstrative work.

Professional Memberships

Keeping track of individual professional memberships is challenging. By using ferdosiinfo you can reduce thousands of invoices to a single invoice. 

Receive renewal notifications which can automatically renewed by a single click. Ferdosi will also ensure that your organisations memberships access works without any trouble. All in one place. 

Your organization will only need one contact person and a single invoice that is paid at an interval that suits you

This saves our customer processing time and money. We ensure that the costs are correctly calculated
By using Ferdosiinfo, our customers have the ability to reduce thousands of invoices to a single invoice which can be delivered monthly, quarterly or annually. We will check publisher invoices for accuracy against purchase orders and ensure that cost center allocation is correctly calculated. This saves our clients processing time and money. Furthermore, membership invoicing can also be separate from your regular subscription invoice.

Renewals process
Ferdosiinfo consolidates orders that are due for renewal and notifies clients before that order is due to expire. This allows for internal approval flows to take their natural course and factors in the lead-times necessary to process payment of the orders. 


Single Sign-On

Having to remember usernames and passwords is a common complaint for consumers of online information, particularly when accessing it via mobile devices. Furthermore, gaining access through passwords means that there is always a risk of misuse and sharing. It can also put companies in jeopardy of breaking publishers’ terms of use which usually results in legal action from the vendor. There are many companies willing to store this data on a customer’s behalf in such places as “password vaults”. However, having a whole organization’s personal passwords in one place is often unacceptable for most compliance departments. 

Ferdosiinfo has teamed up with the most respected name in single sign-on authentication – Eduserv. Their OpenAthens products enable your organization to manage users’ access to online resources securely and effectively. Because it’s cloud based it requires no software installation and can be implemented without the need for IT involvement.

Ferdosiinfo and Eduserv work behind the scenes to make any implementation of single sign-on services smooth and tailored to your organization. Ferdosiinfo manages the maintenance of the database which includes user information, access rights to content and contracts. All users see is a seamless one-click access to the online resources that have been allocated to them.   


Ferdosiinfo’s Shelf-Ready service helps clients to reduce their claims and stretch their budget. Our complete door-to-door service includes:                       

  • Checking-In Your Titles
  • Activating Online Components
  • Issuing Claims
  • Shipping in Bulk (to the location of your choosing)
  • Protecting Against Damage
  • Tracking Delivery

Reduce the burden on your staff by using our Shelf-Ready service today.

Personal Service

Keeping track of the organizations subscriptions can be a complicated and time-consuming task.

Regardless of how many periodicals you subscribe to, even though they come from many different parts of the world, your company will only need a single contact who is well acquanited with your specific requirements and technical demands, and whom you can always turn to in all matters. 

  • All our customers receive a personal contact, who then continuously takes care of all service.
  • We help you through the whole process: From finding the right titles, to ordering ,delivery, invoicing and any claims. Everything needed in one place.


Get rid of complicated and time-consuming adminstration and let Ferdosi do the job. 

We take care of your subscription services from start to finish. Make the most of your business and let Ferdosi take of all the adminstrative work so that you can focus on your operation.

Key factor's for saving time and money:


  • Streamline the process and manage all of your subscriptions needs in one place
  • Integration with all e-procurement platforms
  • Access title level detail for every title in your collection including bibliographic detail, account info, frequency and more 
  • Adminstrator alternatives allow for multiple users, various levels of access control and budget restrictions
  • Audit and download current and past invoices, between a choice of search critera for best overview. Available for download in Excel or PDF format
  • Training and support are always available and personal visits are included if you are a customer with us
  • Consolidation services
  • Automated renewal, check-in and claims features
  • Built in approval processes with multiple levels of authorization

Cost Efficiency

Principles for reducing cost management

Here are some tools we have implemented in our web service:

  • Customized invoicing options
  • Combine contracts in bulk and receive greater discounts
  • Select and sort out under utilized site licenses
  • Tools for usage statistics
  • Overview of the subscriptions for the entire company
  • Management of all your subscriptions and sub-businesses (Including Direct Agreements)

Online Tools

Ferdosi cloud based subscription service can be integrated with most of the purchasing programs. (Punch-out)


Search and find exactly what you need. Whether it is digital or printed publications, e-packages, e-books and databases.

Our services are constantly evolving and can provide technical tools that match the specific needs you have.

Our platform is built and adapted to meet the specific needs of your library.

Selection - Newspapers, magazines, academic and scientific journals from around the world. Choose from over 70,000 titles in a library that is constantly updated and expanded.

Format - Print and electronic services such as online subscriptions as well as microfilm and pdf. 

Discount - Available for individual titles, orders for larger volumes and for most of the subscriptions in multiple formats (such as magazines that offer both paper and online) 

Contact us for more detailed information.


In brief, Ferdosi subscription service gives you access to:

  • Renewals
  • Claims management
  • Management reporting
  • An extensive product database
  • Search and order functions
  • Cost center management
  • Address changes
  • Communication with your named account manager

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