Ferdosi releases a new subscription service

Press Release Ferdosiinfo has launched a new site for subscription management we have updated and brought on many new features, in this constantly evolving industry we are aiming to please our customers. 

The challenge of updating a system two decades old in such a short time. Has definetly been challenging, but very educational. Thanks to feedback frome excisting librarians on wishes and requirements, we have now been able to introduce them. 

Ferdosi's new web service affects the company's operations and competitive position to a significant extent on several fronts such as: Financial value, benefits for staff, improved quality, flexible processes, speed and flexibility. 

We look forward to getting our customers and publishers to start using our new web service. 

The journey is not over yet! Our services are constantly evolving and we can provide technical tools that match the specific needs you have, whether it is a customer or publisher.